Handmade with Care


You can find cheaper handmade bars of soap all over, and you can certainly get brand names for cheaper at the supermarket. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  

Top Quality


For years we have been searching for top quality ingredients, experimenting with ratios, and cutting countless batches of soap into nice thick slabs, only to wait 4-6 weeks for the soaps to cure. Then we personally test them, make some changes, do it again, and make more changes, until we feel each soap recipe is the best it can be.   

Currently we have 12 recipes we love, and a few new ones underway.   

Since we handmake our soaps in small batches, every bar will appear slightly different than the last. And if it’s not up to par we won’t sell it!  

Made with 100% Natural Ingredients


In each bar you will find the following ingredients:

  • A minimum combination of 5 top-quality oils per batch.
  • A combination of the following saponified oils: Olive, coconut, sustainable palm, sweet almond, avocado, rice bran, jojoba, castor & cocoa and shea butters.
  • We scent them with pure essential oils, some favorites being: anise, clove, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, lemongrass, orange, tea tree oil.
  • We like to scent some of our soaps with fragrance oils.
  • We use natural colorants such as annatto seeds, micas, clays, nettle leaf, sprirulina, activated charcoal. We also use non-nano titanium dioxide and cosmetic-grade mica in a few of our soaps.
  • We use a variety of exfoliants such as calendula, spearmint leaves, lavender buds, coffee grinds, colloidal oatmeal, Himalayan salt & cranberry seeds.
  • Additional ingredients may include honey; milks of coconut, goat, almond or oats; coffee, & dark beer. (Don’t worry – as New Englanders we are also beer snobs and the beer is always taste tested for approval ;)